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I read the news today, oh boy. Except this time it was not about a lucky man who made the grade. This was regarding the governments inability to recognize it has a problem. For all of you who have been to a Anonymous meeting of some kind (alcoholics, gamblers, drugs, ..etc and feel no shame for going) you have to first admit you have a problem and go through the steps.

For those who say I must be a Democrat for making such a statement, I say that I am more of an independent. Obama has made mistakes but who wouldn’t if they were handed a government that had been flushed down the economic toilet and has to put out an epic ton of fires in order to at least get something done. For the republicans, they were given the House of Reps as a way to control Obama in hopes of taking him down. After all, you cannot do anything if you can’t get the House to agree so new ideas and programs go down the toilet with the economy.

Posing yourself in a political field is very important, for some reason every single politician must make stand on an issue. Whether it be abortion or gay rights, every political person must choose a side to the fence. They make speeches in their states so that their home towns and voters can be proud of the men and women who run their state.

Now the government faces a crisis that may leave elderly and military without money to live and all anyone in the political arena wants to do is stand on the soap box and accuse each other of being unreasonable. They are like five year old’s yelling to their mommies about the other kids and how they pick on them. I did not vote for these people so that they can cry over skinned knees and blame their brothers and sisters. I wanted politicians who fought for the good of the United States.

When is someone in the political arena going to stop these whiners and say that enough hardship has fallen on the United States in recent years and that we must move forward with cuts and tax increases to better serve our nation. Please note that the middle class cannot afford the tax increase and neither can the poor so it is up to the companies that have made a ton of money for themselves and never given anything back. If a company wants to avoid paying their full part of taxes then they should consider hiring more people.

A tax decrease for hiring new employees would be a great start, imagine if companies like Microsoft or Google contributed to the well fare of the world. But wait, Microsoft’s Bill Gates donates billions to the world with his riches and Google has created a lot of well paying jobs. So who is to blame, maybe it is the oil billionaires, they pollute the world with their mistakes and they don’t hire a lot of people to keep their supplies safe. I guess that is a better example. Tax the rich who don’t do anything with their money but make it, if they want their tax breaks then they need to increase the amount of jobs they contribute to the United States.

Now, someone in the Republican party said today that if we tax the rich they will take their money to another country and create jobs there. That is not an untrue statement, but has anyone actually been out in the world recently. Strikes in Greece and England, wars in Africa and the Middle East, and a communist controlled China. Where are they going to do their business and who will buy their products. If a company moves to another country then they are more likely to have problems with wars, strikes, disease and dictatorships as well as a problem with PR. A $50 pair of shoes will still need to cost $50 to the consumer but it will then have to be shipped from abroad which can cost a pretty penny so I doubt any less jobs will be created in the United States.

I also agree with the Republicans on one issues, spending is out of control, I have mentioned this in an earlier blog that the Military should be brought home and I might want to take it a step further, why don’t we put the child that is the United States into Global Slumber to hibernate. I am not saying that we stop going to other countries or isolate ourselves from everyone but I do say that we can stop fighting wars for a while and build ourselves up again. There seems to be a lot of money spent in the government, like the whole government part. How many Senators, House of Reps, and staff do we really need in our government. This staff is hired to protect our government politicians from making mistakes on the legal end but why don’t we go back to a spirit of the law system. The spirit of the law would make a million page draft of an idea into a 10 page summary that defines the spirit of the law and how it should be enforced instead of writing loopholes.

Overall, the government spends too much money on programs, military and politicians. I would like to see money being spent to increase our presence in space or making technology that the rest of the world will want to buy from us. If the politicians want to play games until the last minute and then cry foul then we should all band together and recall every last one of them. We do it for some people because they treat their states with disrespect and I cannot image a better way to tell our government that we want solutions and not bickering by recalling every last lazy bastard. For the politicians who try, we love you for those who whine, watch out.


Prostitution, according to popular belief, is the oldest female profession. I personally disagree and supply mother as the oldest profession. Prostitution has a large stigma as being an unsafe and dark job where men can do whatever they want to a woman as long as they pay for it. A pimp sits around waiting for his money in the dark and beats the prostitute who does not bring in enough money.

While some of this is true, I propose a solution. Every major city should have a Bunny Ranch type of business. These types of business usually operate outside of city limits (so that the retro american dreamers don’t have to see it) where they can operate a safe and clean environment for the prostitutes (men or women). These businesses always have a medical benefits plan and test their workers for disease on a very routine bases. Condoms and accessories are purchased by the worker to engage the client which can increase their pay. The business takes a percentage and pays taxes to the state and federal government.

It is hard to charge taxes on prostitution when it is illegal. It is hard to prevent rape and unsafe sex when prostitution is illegal. I can understand families not wanting prostitutes in their town walking the street with their immoral ways (honestly, if you got it and it makes you happy then it may not be that immoral), however, there will always be a market for this product so why not set up a way to make money safely.

Legalize prostitution in special situations where safety can be assured for all relevant parties by allowing dens to be set up for the workers and clients and reduce the ugly stigma surrounding the worlds oldest profession.

On a side note, there should be locations where people who are together should be able to get with others to do their dirty deeds, this could be at the same locations as prostitution dens. So instead of getting a prostitute, you can rent an area of property to do fun stuff with your friends and lovers. This would be like renting a conference hall for a convention except that it is a little more intimate. Food for thought.

I love the people who serve the military, I have never served but have had many friends who have. When our troops die, I feel sad for their loss and when they come back broken I want nothing more to fix it. So please do not assume that I hate the military in this discussion.

My problem is with military spending, as the government goes farther into debt we must consider bringing our troops home. Even the Romans had a season for fighting and a season for rest. A military needs time to recuperate so they can be more effective and a tired military is dangerous. The United States has been in a constant state of war since September 11, 2001. First it was Bin Laden, then it was Hussein, then Bin Laden again, then Quadafi. When does this get to end, we are not even obtaining treasure or land from these wars.

In the past, militaries would go to war to gain land and prestige. No country has ever gone to war unless they were obtaining something or defending what they had from invaders. In World War II, after Hitler was dead, the allies raced to Germany to divide it, that is why their was a East and West Germany. The allies split the land and forged it in their image.

Iraq was supposed to follow this format but that country has a different idea of politics which lead us to a quagmire of a mess that took a long time to sort out. A democratic process was created but it will not be stable until the country has time to embrace it. In Afghanistan, we went hunting for a man, this one man was the cause of all of our wars in the last decade. That man is now dead and now we are starting to lash at all unstable leaders in the world.

Our men and women in the armed forces fight because they are proving themselves champions to their country. I am sorry to say this but you have proven yourselves thousands of times over and do not need to prove yourself further, I am sorry for this because I will never be as much of a champion in my life (I have a rare bone disease that would have kept me from serving). Your awesomeness need no longer be proven. Our government needs to start thinking about its people now, with floods, droughts, storms, and pollution. We should bring our military back and clean up the messes that have been plaguing the United States for a decade. How can they do this you might ask, with unemployment being so high? First off, the United States can save on the cost of housing our troops abroad. Second, our troops need to come home and be the true role models they are, to train our youth on the values of responsibility and citizenship.

Let our men, women, and government take a rest from the outside world and perform some upkeep on our world. Show the world that we do not just win wars but we also can win in domestic challenges.

I take issue with the show Toddlers in Tiaras (not even sure if it is the name of the show but I hate it enough that I am not going to look it up). When I was discussing the topic of objectifying,  I talked about how role models of this ages women are all about attracting men and sexiness. This has gone too far with the above show, these parents are making their kids rape bait and they are growing up with an attitude that will only make them ugly to the world.

A child needs to live as a child, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is more awesome in this world than watching your kid grow up and make mistakes or get muddy. The grin on a child’s face when they do something that they want you to be proud of or the tears when a child makes a mistake and must face it. These experiences are far more precious then a bunch of beauty obsessed tots who cuss and disrespect everything to get their way. There is nothing cute about this, these parents are brewing the ugliest kind of creatures on earth, ones that are so vain that there is nothing in the world that is better than them.

I assure you, there is beauty far greater than a brat who once won a beauty contest and did nothing else with their life. I fell sad for those kids when they get to 50 and wonder what happened to their life and only have a memory from the age of 4-6 to be proud of.

In watching TV, you can see a lot of people wearing skimpy clothes, whether it be the guys from Jersey Shore or the ladies on a Victoria Secret commercial. Sexy men and women sell products to the world, could you imagine a Go Daddy commercial without a hot lady flaunting her assets to sell that product. Imagine a guy with a beer gut and zits selling the same products, or a chubby lady wearing the underwear for Victoria Secret commercial.

Now listen to the hardcore activists of the social media, constantly talking about how women are being objectified. Whether they are complaining about porn or some of the women who have become role models like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton who have been in the media many times showing off their nether regions.  Now the little girls of the world are wearing short skirts and shirts that show a ton of cleavage making them rape bait.

I see this conflict from a different point of view, a man in the olden times would join the military to make a name for themselves as knights. They would say goodbye to their true loves whom they will try to marry when they are back from the wars that they have chosen to fight with their kings and lords. They would right letter and send messages back home to this love until they died or returned. Sad as this may sound, a man knew he was going to fight for the opportunity to come back to his love even if it took years and the prestige of coming back with a victorious king was truly the goal of most men.

Men and women have been objectified since the beginning of time. There have been different sides and visions shared but men always went out to prove that they were worthy of a woman and a woman always tried to remain worthy of their man. Now, with the invention of the internet and other quick media, a woman feels that she must somehow get the attention of a worthy male by showing off her goods. Porn actresses will often say they like how the attention feels but in the end they are just happy to have the attention of men. A man will do anything to prove he is a man by taking steroids or doing incredibly stupid things to get the attention of women.

While I personally do not approve of ultra skimpy and flimsy apparel worn by women, I cannot help but stare hoping to catch an eyeful of the source of the pheromones they excrete. Rapists also love to see a woman who is giving easy access to their nether regions.

Overall, I would just want people to think before they start to spout off about how women or men are being objectified. And I hope that women realize that their beautiful light weight clothing that shows off the ass is not a defensible clothing option. Conservative clothing (no burkas or colonial apparel required) can still be hot, a strong woman with energy and beauty can be a role model to kids without having to whip out the boobs and flaunting your money makers to get your way. A lot of women like Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears will tell you that they are not role models but when you see them everyday on the news it is hard to think of them as anything else.

I would like to propose a new program to the world, it will be called “Operation: Save Game”. It comes from all of the video games I have ever played where you journey to the boss battle and save your game. When you get to the boss and fail to defeat it then you go back to the save game point and try again.

In Christianity, a concept was put forth in the Old Testament saying to go forth and multiply. Many people now would disagree with this because of the population that is on the Earth already but I do not think that was what God (or the spirits or whatever) intended. I think God was trying to tell us of a end that might happen in our chaotic universe. A comet could strike, a disease can destroy us, or the Earth may just die and nobody has begun planning for this yet.

My plan, beef up our space exploration and set up off world colonies. If the Earth fails, then our species will die. We must begin thinking about a back up plan for this awesome planet. Go to Mars and set up colonies and then start colonies on other planets. Farm resources and attempt to convert the materials at hand to make planets more habitable to humans. The odds of our galaxy being swallowed up is far less than the odds that a single planet in a galaxy will be destroyed. We can also send humans out for the long trip to possible systems that have earth like dimension so that we can roll the dice on expanding into the Universe like seeds into the wind. It may take lifetimes to reach other star systems but when trying to save the human race I can see no better alternative.

NASA has phased out its shuttle program, this is a mistake. We need to expand these kinds of programs and not rely on other countries to colonize the Universe. The United States has the highest hope of preserving the species because it is a melting pot of cultures, don’t let the oldest idea of our country go away from the space program. Embrace the ideas of a blended culture and go forth into the Universe with Operation: Save Game.

When America was first discovered, a potential to use this new land to create jobs was evident. Farming became a way of life that many people were proud to be part of. In this day and age we do not see a pride of people who work in farms, you see owners of land fighting to keep their land and their way of life.

Millions of people are starving in the world, droughts in Africa, Tsunamis in the South Pacific, and just homeless people in general looking for something to eat. It seems to me that there is plenty of work to do to feed the world and my question is why is this not happening.

The United States has a lot of land to farm, in recent generations however there has been a hesitance to farm our available land in favor of sprawling urban life. Nobody wants to get dirty and existing farmers can barely afford to operate. My suggestion would be to launch a tax cut program for any farm that produces a diverse crop on a yearly basis. Not just a diverse crop but employs people to do the farming so that we can begin shipping food around the world to feed the needy.

Many farmers will say that they cannot pay a minimum wage so they cannot hire a lot of people to farm. My thought would be to create a shares system for the amount of time you work, if you work during the harvest season you receive part of the profit that went to the farm. This will lead to a pride in ownership and a paycheck for millions of unemployed workers.

There has been programs where farms are subsidized for not growing a product because the market for this product must be maintained. While I am all for controlling markets (not really but I want to be nice to the control freaks), feeding the world is more important. Lets stop controlling the flow of food as a resource and promote growing fruits and vegetables to make a more healthy United States and world.

The government in the United States is too big. I know that the political machine must keep rolling but when you watch  news and you see the senators or representatives talking, the room is mostly empty. Even these people are tired of hearing a million opinions that are just soap boxing and hardly useful. That is why I submit for your approval a redistricting of the United States.

In the northeast of the United States for example, the states are smaller than counties on the west coast. The population density is still there but the regions are so much smaller which gives more power to the east coast. My suggestion would be to take the square footage of the United States and divide it up into 25 pieces. The borders can be shaped by popular  style but the land would be split into equal voting labels. You can call the north-east region New England for example, merge northern California with Oregon starting at about Eureka, and so on.

Now you may have noticed that 25 pieces is not 50 states. This is correct, we do not need that many people making laws about our lives. Right now, in Washington, DC there are millions of people working to change the course of the United States. The senate, the house of reps, the president, and their supporters. Ideas should be expressed in these kinds of forums but lets stop wasting time listening to millions of opinions and try to narrow them down to regionally elected people instead of having a lot of east coast politicians and a few in the rest of the country.

Lets face it,  New England may have states like Maine and Rhode Island but these states are small compared to the larger United States. It is time to reduce government spending by reducing the amount of representatives that are needed to voice the peoples concerns.

For most, the idea of the current world economy scares them. Will I have a job tomorrow or will I be able to get food to feed my family or can I pay my mortgage.

During this time I have been lucky enough to have a job. Bearing that in mind I will start with my first idea:

Legalize and tax drugs, I can probably guess that most of you assume that I am a pot head eating a bag of Doritos or a meth head about to rob somebody for their money so I can get my next score. This would be false. I have never done illegal drugs, unless you count alcohol when I was 20. I believe in keeping my body pure but many of our fellows have no desire for such purity so we must first deal with these folks.

Right now, the United States is fighting a war in Mexico with drug cartels. Fighting this war is impossible, there will always be a bloodthirsty Druglord, lets consider an end to this war by legalizing drugs. No illegal drugs to smuggle across the border, no Druglords.

This is not to say that there should not be regulations on these drugs. In fact, lets regulate and tax these drugs. Right now there are drugs that can be bought with a doctors note that are just as likely to kill you as they are to heal you. Read the labels about how you may spend your life living without cancer but you may die of a stroke or get an infection in your colon that will cause you to go blind. Marijuana has ruined millions of lives but it is very rare to overdose on it, in fact, most of the marijuana users I have ever seen did not have much of a life to ruin but they do work the jobs most people don’t strive for, like fast food. Then there is the hard core drugs, create places where doctors and nurses can watch these users to keep them safe and clean. A den if you will where they take the drug users keys, find out what their drug of choice is, and have them pay the doctors and the nurses to administer this drug in the safety of a room where they can be watched for drug reactions.

Keeping drugs illegal only leads to stigmas that hurt those people. If you want help with your drug habit you have to shamefully lower your head and admit that you have a problem with something illegal. If it is legal, like the tobacco industry, we can try to help our friends kick the habit.

Where do we get the money, first we will not have to pay to fight a war against drugs so we save a lot of money there. Second, we tax every recreational drug like we do with cigarettes. Third, we can create jobs with people who will now have to pay income and self-employment tax which will lower our need of the Unemployment Service programs. Fourth, the United States can profit from the registering from growers. Fifth, we can start releasing drug felons who did not kill anybody so our prison system will probably be less expensive.

There are some of you who will find the fourth money maker absurd, why would people who sold drugs illegally register for licenses to grow, make or distribute drugs. The answer is that not registering for these licenses will put you in prison for tax evasion. When you can pay a small amount of money to get a license to sell a popular drug then you can make a very good profit that you can report on your taxes and hold your head up high (no pun intended) as a honorable citizen instead of a black market prison reject.

Even when drugs become legal, I will still try to keep my son away from them but at least if he tries them like most of our kids have or will we can help them without fear of the legal issues arising from an illegal drug addiction.

I have decided that I cannot hold my ideas to my self anymore. Did you ever have an idea about the way the world should work and while others agree with you on your ideas there is always somebody or something holding you and the world back from a lasting peace. That is where I come in, I have decided that the world must hear these ideas. This is not to stroke my own ego but mostly to retain my sanity. I want your help to help my change the world for the better with a little common sense.