I would like to propose a new program to the world, it will be called “Operation: Save Game”. It comes from all of the video games I have ever played where you journey to the boss battle and save your game. When you get to the boss and fail to defeat it then you go back to the save game point and try again.

In Christianity, a concept was put forth in the Old Testament saying to go forth and multiply. Many people now would disagree with this because of the population that is on the Earth already but I do not think that was what God (or the spirits or whatever) intended. I think God was trying to tell us of a end that might happen in our chaotic universe. A comet could strike, a disease can destroy us, or the Earth may just die and nobody has begun planning for this yet.

My plan, beef up our space exploration and set up off world colonies. If the Earth fails, then our species will die. We must begin thinking about a back up plan for this awesome planet. Go to Mars and set up colonies and then start colonies on other planets. Farm resources and attempt to convert the materials at hand to make planets more habitable to humans. The odds of our galaxy being swallowed up is far less than the odds that a single planet in a galaxy will be destroyed. We can also send humans out for the long trip to possible systems that have earth like dimension so that we can roll the dice on expanding into the Universe like seeds into the wind. It may take lifetimes to reach other star systems but when trying to save the human race I can see no better alternative.

NASA has phased out its shuttle program, this is a mistake. We need to expand these kinds of programs and not rely on other countries to colonize the Universe. The United States has the highest hope of preserving the species because it is a melting pot of cultures, don’t let the oldest idea of our country go away from the space program. Embrace the ideas of a blended culture and go forth into the Universe with Operation: Save Game.