For most, the idea of the current world economy scares them. Will I have a job tomorrow or will I be able to get food to feed my family or can I pay my mortgage.

During this time I have been lucky enough to have a job. Bearing that in mind I will start with my first idea:

Legalize and tax drugs, I can probably guess that most of you assume that I am a pot head eating a bag of Doritos or a meth head about to rob somebody for their money so I can get my next score. This would be false. I have never done illegal drugs, unless you count alcohol when I was 20. I believe in keeping my body pure but many of our fellows have no desire for such purity so we must first deal with these folks.

Right now, the United States is fighting a war in Mexico with drug cartels. Fighting this war is impossible, there will always be a bloodthirsty Druglord, lets consider an end to this war by legalizing drugs. No illegal drugs to smuggle across the border, no Druglords.

This is not to say that there should not be regulations on these drugs. In fact, lets regulate and tax these drugs. Right now there are drugs that can be bought with a doctors note that are just as likely to kill you as they are to heal you. Read the labels about how you may spend your life living without cancer but you may die of a stroke or get an infection in your colon that will cause you to go blind. Marijuana has ruined millions of lives but it is very rare to overdose on it, in fact, most of the marijuana users I have ever seen did not have much of a life to ruin but they do work the jobs most people don’t strive for, like fast food. Then there is the hard core drugs, create places where doctors and nurses can watch these users to keep them safe and clean. A den if you will where they take the drug users keys, find out what their drug of choice is, and have them pay the doctors and the nurses to administer this drug in the safety of a room where they can be watched for drug reactions.

Keeping drugs illegal only leads to stigmas that hurt those people. If you want help with your drug habit you have to shamefully lower your head and admit that you have a problem with something illegal. If it is legal, like the tobacco industry, we can try to help our friends kick the habit.

Where do we get the money, first we will not have to pay to fight a war against drugs so we save a lot of money there. Second, we tax every recreational drug like we do with cigarettes. Third, we can create jobs with people who will now have to pay income and self-employment tax which will lower our need of the Unemployment Service programs. Fourth, the United States can profit from the registering from growers. Fifth, we can start releasing drug felons who did not kill anybody so our prison system will probably be less expensive.

There are some of you who will find the fourth money maker absurd, why would people who sold drugs illegally register for licenses to grow, make or distribute drugs. The answer is that not registering for these licenses will put you in prison for tax evasion. When you can pay a small amount of money to get a license to sell a popular drug then you can make a very good profit that you can report on your taxes and hold your head up high (no pun intended) as a honorable citizen instead of a black market prison reject.

Even when drugs become legal, I will still try to keep my son away from them but at least if he tries them like most of our kids have or will we can help them without fear of the legal issues arising from an illegal drug addiction.