The government in the United States is too big. I know that the political machine must keep rolling but when you watch  news and you see the senators or representatives talking, the room is mostly empty. Even these people are tired of hearing a million opinions that are just soap boxing and hardly useful. That is why I submit for your approval a redistricting of the United States.

In the northeast of the United States for example, the states are smaller than counties on the west coast. The population density is still there but the regions are so much smaller which gives more power to the east coast. My suggestion would be to take the square footage of the United States and divide it up into 25 pieces. The borders can be shaped by popular  style but the land would be split into equal voting labels. You can call the north-east region New England for example, merge northern California with Oregon starting at about Eureka, and so on.

Now you may have noticed that 25 pieces is not 50 states. This is correct, we do not need that many people making laws about our lives. Right now, in Washington, DC there are millions of people working to change the course of the United States. The senate, the house of reps, the president, and their supporters. Ideas should be expressed in these kinds of forums but lets stop wasting time listening to millions of opinions and try to narrow them down to regionally elected people instead of having a lot of east coast politicians and a few in the rest of the country.

Lets face it,  New England may have states like Maine and Rhode Island but these states are small compared to the larger United States. It is time to reduce government spending by reducing the amount of representatives that are needed to voice the peoples concerns.