When America was first discovered, a potential to use this new land to create jobs was evident. Farming became a way of life that many people were proud to be part of. In this day and age we do not see a pride of people who work in farms, you see owners of land fighting to keep their land and their way of life.

Millions of people are starving in the world, droughts in Africa, Tsunamis in the South Pacific, and just homeless people in general looking for something to eat. It seems to me that there is plenty of work to do to feed the world and my question is why is this not happening.

The United States has a lot of land to farm, in recent generations however there has been a hesitance to farm our available land in favor of sprawling urban life. Nobody wants to get dirty and existing farmers can barely afford to operate. My suggestion would be to launch a tax cut program for any farm that produces a diverse crop on a yearly basis. Not just a diverse crop but employs people to do the farming so that we can begin shipping food around the world to feed the needy.

Many farmers will say that they cannot pay a minimum wage so they cannot hire a lot of people to farm. My thought would be to create a shares system for the amount of time you work, if you work during the harvest season you receive part of the profit that went to the farm. This will lead to a pride in ownership and a paycheck for millions of unemployed workers.

There has been programs where farms are subsidized for not growing a product because the market for this product must be maintained. While I am all for controlling markets (not really but I want to be nice to the control freaks), feeding the world is more important. Lets stop controlling the flow of food as a resource and promote growing fruits and vegetables to make a more healthy United States and world.