I love the people who serve the military, I have never served but have had many friends who have. When our troops die, I feel sad for their loss and when they come back broken I want nothing more to fix it. So please do not assume that I hate the military in this discussion.

My problem is with military spending, as the government goes farther into debt we must consider bringing our troops home. Even the Romans had a season for fighting and a season for rest. A military needs time to recuperate so they can be more effective and a tired military is dangerous. The United States has been in a constant state of war since September 11, 2001. First it was Bin Laden, then it was Hussein, then Bin Laden again, then Quadafi. When does this get to end, we are not even obtaining treasure or land from these wars.

In the past, militaries would go to war to gain land and prestige. No country has ever gone to war unless they were obtaining something or defending what they had from invaders. In World War II, after Hitler was dead, the allies raced to Germany to divide it, that is why their was a East and West Germany. The allies split the land and forged it in their image.

Iraq was supposed to follow this format but that country has a different idea of politics which lead us to a quagmire of a mess that took a long time to sort out. A democratic process was created but it will not be stable until the country has time to embrace it. In Afghanistan, we went hunting for a man, this one man was the cause of all of our wars in the last decade. That man is now dead and now we are starting to lash at all unstable leaders in the world.

Our men and women in the armed forces fight because they are proving themselves champions to their country. I am sorry to say this but you have proven yourselves thousands of times over and do not need to prove yourself further, I am sorry for this because I will never be as much of a champion in my life (I have a rare bone disease that would have kept me from serving). Your awesomeness need no longer be proven. Our government needs to start thinking about its people now, with floods, droughts, storms, and pollution. We should bring our military back and clean up the messes that have been plaguing the United States for a decade. How can they do this you might ask, with unemployment being so high? First off, the United States can save on the cost of housing our troops abroad. Second, our troops need to come home and be the true role models they are, to train our youth on the values of responsibility and citizenship.

Let our men, women, and government take a rest from the outside world and perform some upkeep on our world. Show the world that we do not just win wars but we also can win in domestic challenges.