In watching TV, you can see a lot of people wearing skimpy clothes, whether it be the guys from Jersey Shore or the ladies on a Victoria Secret commercial. Sexy men and women sell products to the world, could you imagine a Go Daddy commercial without a hot lady flaunting her assets to sell that product. Imagine a guy with a beer gut and zits selling the same products, or a chubby lady wearing the underwear for Victoria Secret commercial.

Now listen to the hardcore activists of the social media, constantly talking about how women are being objectified. Whether they are complaining about porn or some of the women who have become role models like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton who have been in the media many times showing off their nether regions.  Now the little girls of the world are wearing short skirts and shirts that show a ton of cleavage making them rape bait.

I see this conflict from a different point of view, a man in the olden times would join the military to make a name for themselves as knights. They would say goodbye to their true loves whom they will try to marry when they are back from the wars that they have chosen to fight with their kings and lords. They would right letter and send messages back home to this love until they died or returned. Sad as this may sound, a man knew he was going to fight for the opportunity to come back to his love even if it took years and the prestige of coming back with a victorious king was truly the goal of most men.

Men and women have been objectified since the beginning of time. There have been different sides and visions shared but men always went out to prove that they were worthy of a woman and a woman always tried to remain worthy of their man. Now, with the invention of the internet and other quick media, a woman feels that she must somehow get the attention of a worthy male by showing off her goods. Porn actresses will often say they like how the attention feels but in the end they are just happy to have the attention of men. A man will do anything to prove he is a man by taking steroids or doing incredibly stupid things to get the attention of women.

While I personally do not approve of ultra skimpy and flimsy apparel worn by women, I cannot help but stare hoping to catch an eyeful of the source of the pheromones they excrete. Rapists also love to see a woman who is giving easy access to their nether regions.

Overall, I would just want people to think before they start to spout off about how women or men are being objectified. And I hope that women realize that their beautiful light weight clothing that shows off the ass is not a defensible clothing option. Conservative clothing (no burkas or colonial apparel required) can still be hot, a strong woman with energy and beauty can be a role model to kids without having to whip out the boobs and flaunting your money makers to get your way. A lot of women like Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears will tell you that they are not role models but when you see them everyday on the news it is hard to think of them as anything else.