I take issue with the show Toddlers in Tiaras (not even sure if it is the name of the show but I hate it enough that I am not going to look it up). When I was discussing the topic of objectifying,  I talked about how role models of this ages women are all about attracting men and sexiness. This has gone too far with the above show, these parents are making their kids rape bait and they are growing up with an attitude that will only make them ugly to the world.

A child needs to live as a child, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is more awesome in this world than watching your kid grow up and make mistakes or get muddy. The grin on a child’s face when they do something that they want you to be proud of or the tears when a child makes a mistake and must face it. These experiences are far more precious then a bunch of beauty obsessed tots who cuss and disrespect everything to get their way. There is nothing cute about this, these parents are brewing the ugliest kind of creatures on earth, ones that are so vain that there is nothing in the world that is better than them.

I assure you, there is beauty far greater than a brat who once won a beauty contest and did nothing else with their life. I fell sad for those kids when they get to 50 and wonder what happened to their life and only have a memory from the age of 4-6 to be proud of.