Prostitution, according to popular belief, is the oldest female profession. I personally disagree and supply mother as the oldest profession. Prostitution has a large stigma as being an unsafe and dark job where men can do whatever they want to a woman as long as they pay for it. A pimp sits around waiting for his money in the dark and beats the prostitute who does not bring in enough money.

While some of this is true, I propose a solution. Every major city should have a Bunny Ranch type of business. These types of business usually operate outside of city limits (so that the retro american dreamers don’t have to see it) where they can operate a safe and clean environment for the prostitutes (men or women). These businesses always have a medical benefits plan and test their workers for disease on a very routine bases. Condoms and accessories are purchased by the worker to engage the client which can increase their pay. The business takes a percentage and pays taxes to the state and federal government.

It is hard to charge taxes on prostitution when it is illegal. It is hard to prevent rape and unsafe sex when prostitution is illegal. I can understand families not wanting prostitutes in their town walking the street with their immoral ways (honestly, if you got it and it makes you happy then it may not be that immoral), however, there will always be a market for this product so why not set up a way to make money safely.

Legalize prostitution in special situations where safety can be assured for all relevant parties by allowing dens to be set up for the workers and clients and reduce the ugly stigma surrounding the worlds oldest profession.

On a side note, there should be locations where people who are together should be able to get with others to do their dirty deeds, this could be at the same locations as prostitution dens. So instead of getting a prostitute, you can rent an area of property to do fun stuff with your friends and lovers. This would be like renting a conference hall for a convention except that it is a little more intimate. Food for thought.