I read the news today, oh boy. Except this time it was not about a lucky man who made the grade. This was regarding the governments inability to recognize it has a problem. For all of you who have been to a Anonymous meeting of some kind (alcoholics, gamblers, drugs, ..etc and feel no shame for going) you have to first admit you have a problem and go through the steps.

For those who say I must be a Democrat for making such a statement, I say that I am more of an independent. Obama has made mistakes but who wouldn’t if they were handed a government that had been flushed down the economic toilet and has to put out an epic ton of fires in order to at least get something done. For the republicans, they were given the House of Reps as a way to control Obama in hopes of taking him down. After all, you cannot do anything if you can’t get the House to agree so new ideas and programs go down the toilet with the economy.

Posing yourself in a political field is very important, for some reason every single politician must make stand on an issue. Whether it be abortion or gay rights, every political person must choose a side to the fence. They make speeches in their states so that their home towns and voters can be proud of the men and women who run their state.

Now the government faces a crisis that may leave elderly and military without money to live and all anyone in the political arena wants to do is stand on the soap box and accuse each other of being unreasonable. They are like five year old’s yelling to their mommies about the other kids and how they pick on them. I did not vote for these people so that they can cry over skinned knees and blame their brothers and sisters. I wanted politicians who fought for the good of the United States.

When is someone in the political arena going to stop these whiners and say that enough hardship has fallen on the United States in recent years and that we must move forward with cuts and tax increases to better serve our nation. Please note that the middle class cannot afford the tax increase and neither can the poor so it is up to the companies that have made a ton of money for themselves and never given anything back. If a company wants to avoid paying their full part of taxes then they should consider hiring more people.

A tax decrease for hiring new employees would be a great start, imagine if companies like Microsoft or Google contributed to the well fare of the world. But wait, Microsoft’s Bill Gates donates billions to the world with his riches and Google has created a lot of well paying jobs. So who is to blame, maybe it is the oil billionaires, they pollute the world with their mistakes and they don’t hire a lot of people to keep their supplies safe. I guess that is a better example. Tax the rich who don’t do anything with their money but make it, if they want their tax breaks then they need to increase the amount of jobs they contribute to the United States.

Now, someone in the Republican party said today that if we tax the rich they will take their money to another country and create jobs there. That is not an untrue statement, but has anyone actually been out in the world recently. Strikes in Greece and England, wars in Africa and the Middle East, and a communist controlled China. Where are they going to do their business and who will buy their products. If a company moves to another country then they are more likely to have problems with wars, strikes, disease and dictatorships as well as a problem with PR. A $50 pair of shoes will still need to cost $50 to the consumer but it will then have to be shipped from abroad which can cost a pretty penny so I doubt any less jobs will be created in the United States.

I also agree with the Republicans on one issues, spending is out of control, I have mentioned this in an earlier blog that the Military should be brought home and I might want to take it a step further, why don’t we put the child that is the United States into Global Slumber to hibernate. I am not saying that we stop going to other countries or isolate ourselves from everyone but I do say that we can stop fighting wars for a while and build ourselves up again. There seems to be a lot of money spent in the government, like the whole government part. How many Senators, House of Reps, and staff do we really need in our government. This staff is hired to protect our government politicians from making mistakes on the legal end but why don’t we go back to a spirit of the law system. The spirit of the law would make a million page draft of an idea into a 10 page summary that defines the spirit of the law and how it should be enforced instead of writing loopholes.

Overall, the government spends too much money on programs, military and politicians. I would like to see money being spent to increase our presence in space or making technology that the rest of the world will want to buy from us. If the politicians want to play games until the last minute and then cry foul then we should all band together and recall every last one of them. We do it for some people because they treat their states with disrespect and I cannot image a better way to tell our government that we want solutions and not bickering by recalling every last lazy bastard. For the politicians who try, we love you for those who whine, watch out.